Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Can we say HOT!

AHHHHH August! Gotta love it! If you are in a part of the world that is baking right now take heart...IT'S SUMMER...IT'S SUPPOSE TO BE HOT! I know that doesn't make anything better right at the moment,but in one month the leaves will start to change and the nights will be cooler and that beautiful blue autumn sky will shine.
The leaves in my corner of the world are actually starting to turn...sign of things to come. The garden is in full swing (I have been canning till I'm blue in the face), but in Janurary I know it will all be worth it.

We( my daughter Stephanie and I) are planning a baby shower for my son and his wife for the end of August. I am searching the wonderful world of Etsy for favors and gift ideas! I will keep you posted on the progress of our planning and the baby shower. SOOOO excited...I'm gonna be a granny!YAY!

Enjoy your day and keep the water handy!

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Becky Pool said...

Haha! I work for a bank and almost every customer complained today about how hot it was. First, i was thinking, I grew up in TX, this is nuthin. Second, it's August...what do you expect haha!

Congrats to your son and the baby on the way ^_^ My mom has cool baby toys if you like§ion_id=5061110