Thursday, August 16, 2007


They are almost done...the chair organizers I've been working on for my daughter Stephanie's class room. I really think this will make her class room a bit more organized and neat. Plus it will teach the kids there is a place for everything. We decided to make these out of heavy denim, they are sturdy and washable. She wanted them all out of the same color so there would be no arguing about who gets what it would look neater.
I would be willing to sell a copy of the pattern if anyone is interested...keep in mind it would be hand drawn. If you have any questions just send me an email through "contact me".
I'm going to finish up...have a great day!


Cathy said...

i remember having something like this in classrooms years ago - great idea and yours look great! being a teacher, i know the kids will absolutely love them!!

Gabreial said...

There they are! What an awesome project to do for your daughter.

Stephanie said...

Hey mom,
The chair organizers look awesome! I can't wait to use them. Thanks a bunch!

Paper Girl Productions said...

What a great idea!

lourdes said...

I've never seen these in calssrooms but I bet they are realy useful- did anyone contact you about patterns? I'm just curious