Tuesday, September 4, 2007


As you probably know the toy industry has taken a hit lately by recalls from China. This is a very serious and scary situation for toy makers as well as consumers. Well not all is lost for we have right here in the good ole USA toy makers that not only take great pride in their work but have strict guidelines set up by our government. In the coming weeks I am going to try to find such companies right here that offer quality and safe toys for our children.

One such company is right here in my own back yard...I URGE you to take a look at the line they offer and just maybe you to will be drawn back to your own childhood...they offer great classics that I'm sure you will remember. The Holgate Toy Company of Bradford Pennsylvania is one of those companies that has stood the test of time. I won't go into great detail because I think once you read the history of this great company you will see for yourself they deserve our attention. You will be in awe of how a company can stay in business this long without offering all the gizmos and gadgets so my do.

Our new grandbaby will be getting toys from Holgate for a few reasons...they are great toys, they are safe toys and they are made right here in America by people that take great pride in what they do.

Please check out their website and consider them for your next gift for the child in your life. I know I am going to.

If anyone knows of any other American toy companies please let me know and I will try to check them out for my next post on the subject.

I am also going to search handmade toys to highlight...I make softies myself (the baby will be getting some things from Bonghi Vestiti too ;) ) Let's become proactive in our search for toys to keep our little ones safe!

Have a wonderful day ...I'm off to make another order for Polkadot Patch! :)

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