Thursday, September 27, 2007

I Did It ...part II !

HERE THEY ARE! The needles came yesterday from Maryjanesattic and today the fiber came from CatsWillEatYou today (it's like Christmas in my mailbox). The rainbow of colors are fabulous!

I love trying new crafts...and I have tried my share but I must say this one has my brain just spinning (ha). I have always loved the look and texture of wool fibers but since I don't knit I just figured I would have to admire them from afar...until...several months ago I saw a show on HGTV about needle felting and I thought ...hummm...I can paint, and I can sculpt and this was like a little combination of both so I decided I was going to give it a shot.

My first attempt is this little heart...I will use it on a tote or something in the future. It didn't turn out to bad if I must say so myself. I am going to try to combine my sewing and the felting to create some cool pieces.In my mind they are cool anyway..they will take some tweaking I'm sure but hey they have to start somewhere!
I'm off to give this a try (I should be working on orders but I just can't stand all the fun sitting there looking at me)

Happy Crafting everyone!


Emily said...

Great job!! Looks very good. I am glad you like needlefetling. It is really tons of fun and you can make pretty much anything you can think of. Have fun!

Precious Quilts said...

Well done, something I have often looked at doing but never plucked up the courage!

Bonghi Vestiti said...

It's fun....I'm hooked :)!