Thursday, September 13, 2007

Original Esty ?

Hummm...maybe so! This coming weekend we are going to make the 6 hr. treck to Va. to visit our kids and celebrate our daughter's birthday.We are planning on going to George's house..George Washington that is... Mt Vernon on Saturday for their annual Craft Fair. So I ask you the question ...could this way of life had been the original Etsy?! The crafts will be that found as necessities in the the 18th century. I can not wait to see the 50 artisans demonstrate their craft and sell their wares.

Other activities include 18th century amusements and The First Virginia Regiment will show us military life as it was back then. I think there is even a Free sightseeing cruise on the Potomac.

After leaving Mt. Vernon after my first visit I came away with a whole different way I looked at America! I just couldn't believe what I learned (and I'm a history nerd), what great struggles people of this era had to indure just for the sake of Freedom! It gave me a whole different meaning on what Freedom really is. Now America makes sense, all the dots connect, and the true meaning of "Love of Country" is answered.

I urge anyone who is in the area this weekend to please consider going and soaking in American in it's infancy. It's something you will always remember.

Next week I will give you my view and show you some pictures...

Hope you have a great day!

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Laura Bartlett said...

It makes you feel a part of something special when you visit historical places. I used to go to several places with reinactments and period crafters when I lived in Ohio.

I always loved going through the tiny homes with all the original period furniture and even sometimes dirt floors.