Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Awesome Etsy Artist

I usually do a Awesome Etsy Artist once every 10 days or so...but I just could not resist in sharing this wonderful artist with you now.

The name of her shop name is JJ and Me Creations...she makes the cutes things for babies! I would like you to hear what she has to say in her own words about her baby,her craft and her life. She is stationed in Turkey right now (her hubby is in the military) and if you have been following the news our situation over there is quite tense. Read her story and lets try to help her out!

Here are her words...

My name is Alexa,
I am a Mother to 16 month old Jorja and a Military wife stationed in Turkey.
I have been sewing and painting for years but until now had no place to really sell my creations.
Thank you ETSY!

I have always loved sewing since my first quilt at 15. I then started making baby items for family and friends longing
for the day I would have my own child to sew for.
16 months ago I had her. MY perfect little girl I had longed for and waited so long for.

As I said before I am a military wife and right now we are living in Turkey.
The situation here is not the best at this time.
There has been talk of sending the family's back to the U.S.
If that is done we will be leaving everything behind except what we can fit in a suitcase. Possibly loosing everything
in our homes.
I am trying to sell what baby sets and gifts I have on Etsy. In case we have to leave so
I can have money to start over again.
It is a time of great stress in our lives. Do we continue with life as usual or do we have bags packed waiting for what may never come?
Also my husband would most likely have to stay behind. (scares me to death)
I know That our safety is the most important thing and I have finally come to terms with the possibility of loosing our possessions.
I have put so much time, money and effort in starting my business so I can stay home with my Daughter.
It breaks my heart to think of loosing everything.
So if you are having a baby or know someone who is in need a baby gift please keep my shop in mind.

Thank you bonghivestiti for featuring me. I truly appreciate it!
Alexa & Jorja


Barbra said...

Hugs to you and your family. Your safety will be in my prayers.

Ember said...

Im going to go check out her etsy store now!! just breathe!!!!

meiller said...

good luck to you...
you're in my prayers.

Schmooley's Mama said...

Thank you for posting this! That pumpkin tee is adorable, and the story is heart breaking. Off to check out her shop now!