Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Birthday Fun!

Well yesterday it was official...I'm on the down side of 50...ugh...oh well, as smart as we humans think we are we still can not figure out a way to stop the clock from going forward.

My husband and I went to "America's Fair" in Hamburg NY. As I mentioned it's the largest county fair in America. It is a mix of the past,present and future. I did notice one thing, people must love to eat! I just couldn't believe the food booths! And the lines were long. We didn't really eat much, most everything was "fair" food and expensive. I thought there were way to many commercial items...I don't know but to me thats not what a fair is about...but it did give people a huge venue to market their products.

After we finally made our way to the real fair exhibits I was happy to myself. We saw some great handcrafts! Way to many to mention. The hand knit items were great, the jams and jellys looked like jewels and some of the flower arrangments were absolutly beautiful.

When we were going through the animal buildings I came across a girl spinning wool...I found out she has a blog too! You should really check it out...its very interesting and fun. Jen also has a website...she has some of the cutest faces you will ever see on it! just wayyyy tooooo cute! She spins yarn from her sheep and on her website she has a email if you are interested. You can find her links under my fav's on the right.

It was a long day and we got home kinda late but it was fun! If you live in Western NY or Northwest Pa I urge you to go "America's Fair"The Erie Co. Fair... it is a real treat. Although I know people come from all over just because it is huge and there are so many things to see and do.

I have to work on my daughter's chair organizers (I have 13 done so far :) )and maybe work in the garden a bit...or work on something for my Etsy shop...hummm maybe the garden can wait ;)

Enjoy this wonderful day the Lord has made!


Gabreial said...

That sounds like fun! I've never even been to our State Fair which is something I'd love to take my boys to.

Chair organizers... Did I miss that one?

Toni said...

I bought some wool to spin and a few hand spin things but haven't touched it yet. Gotta get busy!