Friday, September 21, 2007

I Did It!

What you ask? Well for some time now I have been wanting to try needle yesterday I finally ordered some things to get me started.
I have been a long time doll and teddy bear maker so the fact that you can actually sculpt with fiber just fascinates me. I have used sculpey and fimo clay and love it but I'm always one who wants to try something different.

If anyone out there has suggestions or tips I sure will welcome them. I'm kinda going into this blind since I have no knowledge of this what so ever...Yikes!

Lindsey from CatsWillEatYOU (who I bought the wool from) was kind enough to give me a few tips on where to buy the needles....which I did from Maryjanesattic. I figure by the time they get here I might know where to start...I'll be doing some reading over the weekend :)
This should be interesting and I will keep you posted on my progress...if it's not awful that is...haha

Wish me luck and as I said I am way open for suggestions and tips!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Christina said...

I think going into a new craft "blind" is the only way to go! :) Since I'm the only crafty person I know, I pretty much taught myself every craft I do. (With the help of books, of course!)

I've never tried needle felting, but I've seen it done, and it looks pretty straight forward. The Hobby Lobby near me has roving and those special barbed needles, but I don't have enough guts to try it--not because I think it's hard, but because I'm terrified of poking myself! (That, and truly, I do NOT need any more hobbies at this point. I have enough craft supplies to open my own store.)

Cathy said...

i've never tried needle felting. I'll watch with interest - good luck with it :)

fernfiddlehead said...

Have fun with your new craft.

I love a new craft.

Nora said...

I tried it and it is pretty fun and easy. Go slow and get yourself a foam piece to hold on your lap while you are poking. I don't know if your kit comes with a needle holder that holds three needles at a time but that certainly helped me. Good Luck!!

Bonghi Vestiti said...

Thanks for the info! :)

Glass Lady said...

Hope you post one of your new felted items when finished! Sounds like an interesting craft to pick up.

Sandra Eileen - Artisan Jewelry For Your Good Life said...

I agree with Christina... don't enter a new craft with preconceived notions of the right and wrong way (if you can afford it) just start playing and see what you discover on your own.

I have always wanted to try this craft as well, and will be interested to see what you create. I have purchased a needlefelted sculpture of my puppy and he is adorable.