Friday, September 7, 2007

Whinnie Smiles

Whinnie (my cookie jar that was my grandma's) looks on with delight at all the WORK I JUST DID...UGH! But thats ok...the tomatoes are ready on a daily bases and now comes the joy of canning them all :/. What you see here are pizza sauce and spaghetti sauce. What Italian heritage home would be complete with out it :) ?

Some people ask me "Why" would I take the time to do answer is "Because I can...I know where they( the tomatoes) come from, I know they are organic and the best part THEY ARE FREE!! OHH and the fact that if we get our usual blizzard here in Smethport in January I have some food in the basement

Well I really need to go to the garden and pick todays crop...then get busy.

Have a productive day ;)

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MEBDesigns said...

Wow! I'm totally impressed! My mother used to make the most wonderful elderberry jam and chokecherry jelly.