Thursday, December 4, 2008


Well here we go...I am posting this with a very heavy because EVERYONE will be affected by what our government has done. And two...our nation as we know it will no longer be. In my humble opinion it is One Step Closer To a Socialistic Country.I know that sounds a bit harsh but when you do your home work and look into what is going on you might question it too.

After Feb 9, 2008 thousands and possibly millions will have to close their business doors and become unemployed...and in todays economy this is a nightmare! I know finger pointing is not, well, a nice thing to do and what is done is done, but I am not going to sit by and not voice my opinion.

In a nutshell,the new law will demand EVERY single thing that is intended for children under 12 will have to be tested for lead...costing in the thousands...for everyone who sells or makes anything for children. If you sell on ebay, Etsy, your own website,boutiques,wholesale, even craft fairs and yes garage sales! Goodwill and Salvation Army will not be permitted to re-sell ANY child related item. The "trickle down" impact will be huge! Educational materials will also need to be tested!

The lawmakers ran with this without any regard to what it will do to America. I urge everyone to contact their state and federal congressmen...anyone you can think of...I been sending this to the media all day...and yet nothing from anyone...but I am not going to give up, this is our country and we need to take a stand! Even if you don't think this involves you think again!

Below are some great and helpful links..please read them and lets get going on this!

If you know of anymore links please post them in comments and I will add them...or if you have any other info.

Thanks for listening and lets try to take some action!

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